Oil and Gas Developments Balkans and Europe’s Relationship

Having visited worn-torn Southeast Europe in the mid 1990s, I was thoroughly amazed on a recent visit to the region in which I passed through Belgrade, Skopje and Sarajevo. Without having seen the condition of the region 20 years ago I think it would be hard to imagine how the present-day burgeoning energy transport corridor is the same place.

LDC Report 2011

Helping Nations to Graduate: Potential Efforts from Turkey at the LDC-IV
Conference, 2011.

Least Developed Countries (LDCs) provide a benchmark for our world because they are particularly instructive when we think about civilization and our ability to help our fellow man.

The Door

It is truly a pleasure to be addressing you and such an august house this
afternoon. I hope to not only inform you with my notes

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Skidmore College Speech

It is a great pleasure for me to speaking in front of such an august house. As a
citizen of the nation of Turkey

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