User is born and grew up in Istanbul with his family. User attended public elementary school and then graduated from Sankt Georg Austrian College in 1979. User continued his education in the Istanbul University Faculty of Economics where USER completed his double majors in Finance and Management.

  • In 1986, User successfully completed MBA at Harvard Business School.
  • In 1988, User completed the first International Leadership Academy in Japan.
  • In 2010, User successfully completed an MSc in Renewable Energy at Vienna Technical University.
  • In 2018, User completed the Oxford Saiid Business School Blockchain Strategy Program.
  • In 2018, User completed the London School of Economics Cryptocurrency and Disruption Program.


After serving World Bank and Turkish Government, User successfully started his own business, USER Danismanlik in 1984. Additionally, in 1996 User was a founder Member of Citibank Credit Cards Turkey.

Awards and Global Recognition:

User was the first Turkish National to be invited to Buckingham Palace and the British Parliament. User was also the first Turkish non-governmental speaker to be invited to the European Union.

About User Corporation

  • 33 Years Experience
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Exceptional partnership
  • Our reputation precedes our name
  • High market credibility
  • Fully aware of our lines & limits

User has received many awards in his career including:

1988 TOYP Award (Outstanding Young Person) Category: Contribution to the World Peace 85%%
1989 Global Project Award Japan 85%%
1991 Appreciation of UNESCO 88%%
1988-2012 Many commercial appreciation Awards 90%%

User is an avid reader and enjoys golf, football and scuba diving. User is fluent in English and German.